Volkswagen Golf 2017 110 tsi highline
Owner Review

2017 Volkswagen Golf 110TSI Highline review

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We’ve had the car well over a year now and we have travelled nearly 30,000km including a road trip from Brisbane to Sydney and back with our family of five.

We are so glad to have optioned the driver assistance package which has not only made the car safe for our family, but also a pleasure to drive and should help resale value as this is now standard on the new Golf Highline.

Our love for this car was recently confirmed when we had a new model mid-spec Kia Sportage as a hire car which was almost the polar opposite to our car in how it handled (the Kia was high-riding and floaty), how the auto-transmission worked (the Kia conventional auto transmission was loud, clunky and slow to change) and how little boot space the Sportage had for a larger overall vehicle – all of which confirmed how much we love our wagon/DSG combo.

Things we love about our Golf Wagon:

1. Superb refinement, handling and low-riding position on road – so smooth and comfortable.
2. Adaptive cruise control with stop and resume and lane keeping – driving from Brisbane to the Gold Coast beaches and back once a fortnight, this has been priceless
3. Large boot space and underfloor storage – it’s amazing how much cargo this wagon holds – easily enough space for a family of five on a long holiday
4. Automated parking – I thought this would be a gimmick but it’s not – we use it all the time, especially for reverse parallel and it’s great at avoiding gutter rash on the rims
5. Small touches like the classy frameless rear view mirror, interior LED lighting and puddle lights, all four auto up/down windows, and automatic locking when taking off.
6. The quick shifting DSG transmission which coming from a series of manual cars doesn’t feel like an automatic
7. Consistently good fuel economy (under 6L/100km) across all driving on 98RON
8. Full LED headlights are so clear at night and the LED DRLs that change to orange indicators look great
9. Full length panoramic sunroof with full electric blind doesn’t get old – especially for the kids in the back
10. Rear air vents and large windows are also great for our three kids in the back – especially on long road trips
11. Tyre pressure monitoring – we’ve never had this before and love it – it makes the car safer and extends the life of the tyres ensuring good tyre pressure
12. 360-degree parking sensors with manoeuvre braking, and rear-view camera in the rear VW badge avoids the camera getting dirty and/or wet so it's always clear.
13. Apple CarPlay (now with Google Maps) with a large, super clear and bright screen that is built into the dashboard – I’m not a fan of of the floating tablet style in many other cars like Audi and Mazda
14. We have just one car and share it between two drivers so the personalisation feature means our keyless entry changes everything about the car when we switch drivers which is great as it changes the seat position, mirrors, and all the driver settings.
15. Thick luxurious paint – coming from a series of Mazda cars I’ve noticed how much better the paint is on this car – it’s not thin like the Mazdas and is much easier to keep looking good and avoiding minor scratches which happened almost immediately with the Mazda cars

Things we don’t love:

1. Brake dust – we have to clean the wheels thoroughly at least weekly to keep them looking good – but the brakes are awesome so not too worried
2. The car’s 'manoeuvre braking' occasionally kicks in over inclines at very low speeds to stop underbody scraping – it’s kinda annoying but I understand why and I’d still rather have it than not – it makes the car so safe
3. Keyless entry and start is great but we’ve already replaced one remote battery in 12 months – it was only $8 and maybe just an issue with one of the batteries as the other key is still fine
4. Front passenger seat isn’t electrically adjustable like the driver’s – it’d be a nice touch for this car

We’ve been very impressed with the reliability and any of the small issues we’ve had including the noisy wiper blades have been addressed by Volkswagen quickly and without any drama. We’re happy drivers.