Toyota C-HR 2017 koba (2wd)
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2017 Toyota C-HR Koba (2WD) review

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Firstly, I want to get out of the way why I purchased this car. I wanted something that looked good, had good fuel economy, comfortable, and a good list of equipment and safety features. For my current job I needed an 'SUV' with a decent-sized boot, and as a 20-year-old single male, I didn't want anything too big, e.g. RAV4/CR-V.

I got lucky with the dealership I purchased the car from. The colour I wanted was silver with a black roof, and I was shocked to find out they actually had one in stock and could deliver it to me within a week. Considering (at the time) there was a 3–4 month waiting list, I was pretty happy with that.

After nine months and 13,000km, I am very happy with the car. I believe style is a matter of personal preference, but I think it looks fantastic and it turns lots of heads. I've had countless people come up to me asking what it is or telling me how funky and stylish it looks.

Inside is a stand-out compared to the other cars I considered: the Mazda CX-3, Hyundai Kona and Suzuki Vitara were covered in rock-hard plastic, and to me didn't feel anywhere near as expensive as the C-HR. Only the HR-V somewhat felt nice inside, but was a snooze-fest to look at.

Materials are nice and soft. The buttons and switches all have a nice quality feel to them. The 'fake' leather seats are comfortable and heated, which is nice for these cold winter mornings. My only criticisms with the interior are the laughable infotainment screen and rear visibility.

The touchscreen is just too small and clunky to use, and Apple CarPlay would've been nice as well (wake up Toyota!). However, luckily that's not a deal-breaker for me – it's still easy to navigate and does the job well enough (just).

On the road it is smooth and quite enjoyable to drive. It corners well and glides over bumps and imperfections in the road excellently, even with those very attractive 18-inch alloys. Most of my driving is in peak-hour bumper-to-bumper traffic on Melbourne's overcrowded roads, so I wasn't really concerned about having a car with lots of grunt. However, for the days I'm not stuck in traffic, I do feel like the car could use a little bit more punch.

One of my favourite things about the C-HR is the LED headlights, which are some of the best that I have driven with. Fuel economy is excellent, and I am averaging around 7L/100km, which is good considering the driving I do.

On freeways I can even get it down to around 5.5L/100km. Service intervals are also impressive with 12 months/15,000km at $195 each service for the first five years.

Overall, I am pleased with this car and would definitely recommend it to anyone who wants something stylish, fun to drive, or that has a higher driving position but isn't too big.

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