Suzuki Vitara 2017 rt-s
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2017 Suzuki Vitara RT-S review

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I traded my 2016 Toyota Corolla for this 2017 Suzuki Vitara RT-S for two reasons: One, I took the Vitara for a test drive and ; Two, the all-round vision and lack of blind spots.

In city driving, you can see over nearly any other car, and in the country this thing just rolls along the road in a way that the never Corolla did. It just has great vision and a commanding seating position. I would recommend this car to anyone who doesn't feel confident when driving in traffic due to feeling overshadowed.

The cabin may not be as nicely presented as the Corolla's, but I would take the way it drives and that great vision any day. And yes, it's very fun to drive...

A three-hour trip doesn't feel that long in this car. Longish hills, such as those found around the tablelands of NSW, can slow the 1.6-litre Vitara up a little, but a quick shift back to third or fourth and you're over it and off you go.

This car is also extremely quiet in almost every driving situation. Engine noise can rarely be heard from either inside and outside the car. Even on country main roads, I've had many passengers comment on the very low level of road noise heard in the cabin[; these same passengers have also ridden in my Corolla.

The manual gearbox is very forgiving at low speeds; it's hard to stall the car if driven properly and very smoothly. The gear-shifter for me, is in the right spot.

I personally think the Vitara looks more mature than some of the others, Corolla included. But style is a very personal thing!

Yes, the test drive was that good. I really didn't want another car but the blind spots in the Corolla's design were not going away.

If you still enjoy driving, or have to drive a lot in everyday situations, than I cannot recommend a test drive more than I already have. Don't be put off by the price. For me, personally, that was what got me to the showroom. Oh yeah, it has a very practical, nice and big opening at the rear and with the backseats folded you find a cave-like interior. A true little wagon!

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