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2017 Mitsubishi Triton GLS (4x4) Sports Edition review

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After biting the bullet and buying my first diesel, I can honestly say I love this car.

The reason for my choice came down to a couple of key factors. Size was high as I live in the city, so I wanted a dual-cab that could be manoeuvred easily. Cost and value were also big items on the list, as I'm sure they are with any other consumer products. While the resale isn't as high as some others, neither is the initial outlay.

Looks! It definitely had to look good – something modern with touches of youth – and this vehicle with its colour combination and styling was hard to look past. Having a family, comfort for front and rear passengers also had to be considered, so I took my young bloke for back seat opinions and he gave me two thumbs up on the ride quality.

My Sports Edition Triton punches way above the price tag it possesses, with enough creature comforts to keep the family and myself happy. The ride is absolutely brilliant on the highway with the family and dog on board, but if planning on going off-road regularly, a suspension upgrade would probably do no harm.

Fuel economy is another surprise. With an average of 8.1L/100km on the highway on a regular basis, I couldn't be happier. With a punchy 2.5-litre engine, I have yet to notice it struggle in any environment I have thrown it at. There is a small hint of lag if I accelerate a bit hard from a stop, but I found there is no issue with a change of driving style.

The cabin noise is minimal. With the addition of a snorkel, I admit there's a little bit of wind noise, but nothing too offensive and the growling intake does sound good.

The on-board entertainment is decent. The Bluetooth connection and Android Auto both work well, and having Google Maps on voice control is extremely handy.

The exterior of my Triton is well styled and not as bulky as some other dual-cabs on the market. There are some good little styling enhancers floating around eBay that give a more aggressive look to the vehicle.

Super Select 4WD is a breeze to use, and having a centre diff lock and rear diff lock standard are further value-added bonuses. The vehicle is a dream to take off the beaten track. Beaches are no issue, and neither are mud or hills. I'm not an extreme 4x4 driver, but for me, I have nothing but praise for my Mitsy.

If there is a negative point, I guess it would be the 15,000km service intervals. Personally, I do an oil and filter change at 7500km just for peace of mind. I have added a catch can due to a few reviews that recommended fitting one to keep a good clean intake and for engine longevity.

Overall, the Triton is definitely a tough little guy with a great package. And at $10–$20K less than its competitors that offer not much other than a name and a reputation (that isn't always accurate), it's hard not to love it.