Mitsubishi Triton 2017 gls (4x4)
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2017 Mitsubishi Triton GLS (4x4) review

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I was issued this ute as a new company-supplied work vehicle in October 2017. I have previously had a Hilux and a 3.2-litre Ranger dual-cab.

As of today, I have traveled 118,000 kilometres in the Triton and it has had no issues whatsoever.

I do a lot of interstate travel into NSW and SA from my base in Melbourne. The vehicle was fitted with a canopy, ARB bullbar and ARB Intensity driving lights, as well as UHF from new (a requirement due to me visiting many quarries and mine sites), and it has steel rims and Bridgestone AT tyres.

I highly recommend good quality driving lights if you do extended night driving as I do. The standard high beam leaves a bit to be desired.

Overall, I can't really fault the vehicle at all. Although it lacks the grunt of the Ranger, it didn't take long to get used to the lower power level. It's not uncommon for me to do 8 to 10-hour stints behind the wheel, and I find it comfortable for the long drives.

Its main shortcoming is the economy. With only a 5-speed auto, it can be revving quite high (around 2400rpm) at freeway speeds when compared to the Ranger, and the Triton's consumption sits at around 11.5/12.5 litres per 100 kilometres at highway speeds - and higher with the trailer. It really needs a sixth gear to drop the revs.

My ute is a workhorse and not a show pony, so it doesn't have all the gizmo's of the upper model range, but it is very effective for what I use it for. It tows the trailer without too much fuss when I need it.

Whilst the Bluetooth is basic, it has never dropped out whilst on a call, unlike how the Hilux and the Ranger commonly did.

When I have passengers on board they will often comment about the harsh ride, and yes, whilst it is a bit harsher than the Ranger was, it is mainly due to the all-terrain Bridgestones. It is due for replacement in October 2020, by which time it will have around 180,000km on the odometer.

It is a great no-fuss and no-frills work ute, and I would be happy with another Triton.

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