Kia Stinger 2017 gt (black leather)
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2017 Kia Stinger GT review

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I've owned seven Commodores in a row, and there is something about a powerful large four-door that's fun. After a contentious warranty claim, I found myself ordering the Stinger.

Before I drove it, I thought $66,000 with change was a lot for a white Kia hatch, but after driving it, I could see the value and Kia has done a great job – this car is versatile. During the week I can tick around in it slow and smooth picking up clients and it represents nicely. On the weekend it's quiet, fast, and will chew up any set of corners easily. It does Jekyll-and-Hyde really well.

The engine is a bit vanilla compared to the big gorilla sound you get from a V8 Commodore, but I note with interest that the white Kia hatch seems to be ahead from the lights – fast and quiet seems to be the new black.

The pearl paint sneaks up on you, and I have had many comments about how it looks in the sun. The doors thud harder than an old two-series Volvo and feel solid. The hatch provides great boot space and the cargo net set-up is a ripper.

Apple CarPlay and the Android equivalent work well, and every day I find some new function that is fun – like the self-dipping headlights from high to low beam as a car approaches. (I won't be told and don't read the book!) The car's tech is amazing compared to the Commodores that I've been used to.

Cabin space is adequate, but I would not like to sit in the back for long distances. If the driver's seat is low, there is little room to put your feet, but I couldn't care less who sits in the back!

Speaking of seats, you can make more adjustments to them than a Saturday morning visit to the chiropractor. If you couldn't get them to suit your driving style, I would be surprised. I love the seats and the Nappa leather. I have noticed premature wear on the driver's seat and mentioned it to the dealer with a response of "it's not a warranty issue". Please, Kia, I hope the seven-year warranty means something. Add the rattle in the passenger door and boot, but I'm sure we will work it through with Kia.

I love the eight-speed transmission, although when using the paddles, I would prefer it held the gear indefinitely rather than changing up by itself.

I have to say the parking sensors and cameras are fantastic. You get more cameras/surveillance than a Highway Patrol car in the middle of the M1 on a long weekend. If I scratch my rims, I wanted to. Full visibility and a great 'drone' shot view make it easy. With all the cameras, I'd suggest Kia considers adding a dash cam function.

Clearly, I like this car. After a crappy day at work, I get to 'happy up' with the drive home. Thanks Kia, this car is a ripper.