Kia Rio 2017 sli
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2017 Kia Rio SLi review

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I'm extremely pleased with the car, but one downfall is the brightness of the display for the air-conditioning controls. There is no adjustment to make it brighter.

Also, the car tells you if a door is open or the lights are left on, but get low on fuel and if you don't notice the fuel light or gauge, you're out of luck – there's no audio to beep at you. Trouble is, the top half of the tank is larger than the bottom, so it takes ages for the gauge to get to half, but then it goes down quickly.

I love the lights that come on when you turn a corner. I'm so glad I bought the SLi – it is well worth the extra money. It handles like a dream. A guy pulled out in front of me one day and the emergency brake assist worked fabulously and stopped me in no time, otherwise it would have been an accident for sure.

My partner is 191cm with a large build and he fits in comfortably. I was surprised when I went hunting for a new car to find one that could fit him and 155cm thin me as well. There were a few new cars that didn't, including the new Civic I had my eye on, but I'm extremely pleased with the car. Plus, no need to take it back for airbag replacement like many other new car owners have had to do.

I love the auto wipers and lights, plus having an intermittent wiper on the rear door is handy. I wish that was auto too. Comfortable seats with ease of rear parking camera and sensors. An easy to use entertainment unit and it has built-in GPS. I like the school-zone warnings are audible with speed zones displayed too.

I use Android Auto all the time, so it's easy to make phone calls with no worry of getting booked holding a phone.

I miss an overdrive off button. I have to select a lower gear manually if I need to engine brake, so it can be annoying at times. Other than that, I only know when it changes gear if it has a hill when cruise control is selected – the jump to second gear is obtrusive.

Overall, a great surprise for such a reasonable price with all the options as standard in the SLi. I am glad I bought the car. It runs and drives like a dream, and we often argue over who is driving the car.