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2017 Kia Optima GT Nav review

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I'm the owner of an MY18 Kia Optima GT in red. In my opinion, it is a great car. Kia has come along way since the ’90s. Good on you, Kia. I have owned three cars made by the Kia group, and each time they have surprised me.

As far as handling, performance, looks, comfort and economy go, it’s great. Each day since buying my Optima GT, I can’t wait to drive it again. It is a great car to drive.

I have driven Daihatsus, Nissans,Toyotas and Kias, however Kia for me is the best. Its features are some of the best I have seen and experienced. The adaptive cruise control is great, and keeps you to the speed and slows down behind the other car too – a great feature.

The auto seats in the front are great because they will make you comfortable in front of the steering wheel. Heated seats are great for those cold winter mornings, as well as the heated steering wheel. Also, cooled seats for those hot summer days.

The Optima GT has a great sound system with 11 speakers and Bluetooth connectivity, which is great when we are listening to Spotify music at our fingertips. Receiving phone calls is hands-free with no distractions. Another nice feature about the Optima GT is the navigation system it has.

Also, both side mirrors tilt down when reversing so that you can line up with the lines on the road. Sensors on the wheels are another great feature so you always know when your tyres need air. Blind-spot-detection mirrors help a great deal when moving between lanes – they will always let you know if someone is there.

The Optima GT will also detect people walking behind the car and warn the driver. Plus, it is also responsive when someone pulls out in front of you, it will automatically stop.

The car has beautifully appointed leather seats that are soft to touch and it is very roomy inside. Looking up, you can see the stars, the moon, and the rain through the panoramic sunroof, which is great. The boot is spacious and can hold a lot of shopping.

It drives well and is very responsive going between modes.

I don’t believe Kia should take away any of the features of the Optima or Optima GT, but instead improve them. I do believe the Optima and Optima GT are poorly marketed in Australia because you hardly see them in Kia ads.

The reason I buy Kias is the advice and reviews I read online. I have enjoyed my Kias, and I hope to for years to come.