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2017 Holden Commodore SV6 review

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When upgrading from a 2005 Ford Fairmont Ghia, I found that the later model Fords were basically what I already had but with a different infotainment system.

I compared the SV6, and the interior feel was well ahead of the Ford and completely different. I was disappointed when I went to use the sat-nav and found it wasn't fitted to my model and it wasn't able to be retrofitted, so I bought a Tomtom instead.

The car is nice and very comfortable to drive, with ample power. The Prussian Steel paint gives the car a sophisticated look. The front styling has an aggressive look to it, as opposed to the rear and side appearance which is more sedate looking.

The key-less entry and start feature was a must for me and works well, however when it comes to opening the boot you either use the button in the cabin (fitted to the drivers door panel) or use the remote control. This seems a bit silly for a keyless car and should have a button at the boot area to open it at the least.

Some of the interior trim is a bit impractical, in particular the lower plastic kick panels and the scuff plates, which have marked quite easily and the only fix will be to replace them.

Power flow is smooth with the 6-speed auto, and handling is very good for a big sedan, handling the corners well with a stable feel. Fuel consumption is quite good, given that my driving is mainly town journeys.

In comparison, it uses about twice as much fuel as my 2010 Suzuki Swift around town, but on the open road - if driving at a steady pace - the consumption drops to around 7 litres per 100 kilometres.

Even though it doesn't have sat-nav, there is still a lot of technology in the car for those who like it, with auto park assist, blind spot detection, and reversing camera available. The hand brake is a push of the button, and being electrical it provides a hill start feature (gone is the traditional handbrake start).

All round, it's a great car and has been reliable for the two years I have owned it. It might not be the most practical car for me given my type of driving, but there is no doubt I will be keeping this one for many more years to come.

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