Holden Colorado 2017 z71 (4x4)
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2017 Holden Colorado Z71 (4x4) review

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This is my second Colorado as the first was very reliable.

I went for the Z71 as I am swapping out of my GU Patrol. The appeal for the Z71 was the leather interior and the tech equipment.

I love the auto headlights; saves me remembering to turn them off on dull rainy days. The rear-view camera is great and works in combination with the parking sensors.

The entertainment system is very good with the introduction of digital radio, and being able to use all features on your mobile phone with voice commands is fantastic. There is no reason for being caught using the phone.

The dash layout is well designed with everything in easy reach and simple to use. It also looks very modern with the exception of the same old steering wheel as the previous model which lets it down bit.

The Colorado accelerates a lot smother than the old Colorado with turbo lag all but eliminated and smoother gear changes. The steering is very responsive and lighter with the addition of the electric steering system.

Off-road the car performs very well. The low range is very strong for steep descents and with the additional help of the downhill assist, the car is very well behaved and easy to control.

On the road the new Colorado is comfortable and handles extremely well. It has plenty of power for overtaking and fuel economy is very good with 6.9L/100km on a trip up the coast.

On the outside, the new look front is extremely appealing and modern, with the Z71 graphics setting it off nicely. Unfortunately from the rear there is nothing to set it apart from the old model with the use of the same tub and tail lights.

The plastic sidesteps slope down slightly and when wet, your foot is prone to slipping off which could be a safety risk.

So far the vehicle has proven to be as reliable as my previous Colorado which over four years has had one set of tyres, one set of front brake pads replaced, serviced and fueled, so there is no reason why my new Colorado should not be just as reliable.

Overall I am more than pleased with my new Colorado. With the new styling both inside and outside which give it a great look, the smother ride with the revised suspension and technology advances the new Z71 Colorado is a fun, comfortable and very capable four-wheel drive ute.

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