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2017 Holden Colorado Ls (4x4) review

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I bought this car a few years ago wanting to upgrade my farm ute. The cost of a new HiLux at the time put me off and a fair few people around the district had new Colorados and rated them highly. And I can now see why.

I got into my Colorado about $15k cheaper than the equivalent HiLux and the engine, in my opinion (even though quite noisy when accelerating) is far superior. There is 500Nm on tap and it never leaves you wanting more like the HiLux 2.8-litre does. The Colorado has towed a 2.7-tonne caravan with ease as doesn’t really leave you wanting more power.

Interior wise, you can’t tell it isn’t put together quite as well as a Toyota. A few of the plastics around the foot well have come loose but you can just click them back into place. It's not a big deal but it doesn’t feel as well built, but at $15k cheaper I can forgive that. Also the infotainment in the car is a big plus. Apple CarPlay is great and I use it every time I get into the car. I tried to put 1 size bigger tyres on it to give better clearance around the farm but it put the speedo and gearbox out of whack so I’ll probably just put a lift kit on it at some stage.

I took the car down to Esperance over the New Years period and with standard tyres on the beach there was little to no clearance on sand. It felt more like a bulldozer than a car, but it's nothing a lift kit won’t fix.

Apart from that I haven’t had any issues with the car at all. It starts first time every time and does the job like it’s meant too. For the price I would highly recommend one as a work ute but would recommend the LTZ if it was your daily. The LS with the smaller screen and vinyl floors makes it feel very work spec (which is why I bought it). It’s just a shame that Holden stopped making cars because with dual-cabs bearing $60k, the Colorados are the last of the good cheap offerings.