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2017 Holden Astra RS-V review

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I have always liked the Astra, I have owned the Opel Astra previously but have needed to upgrade to a car with an automatic gear box, as I am not getting any younger and do a lot of city driving.
I looked around on car sites for a used Astra after I had tried my luck at a dealer. However they didn't have a used RS-V - only the RS and even they were quite expensive.

Luckily, other car dealers had good offers. I bought a one-and-a-half year old Astra from a Dealer - they had used it as their accountant car, it had only travelled 5500km and came with a 7 year warranty. By the time I bought it there were five and a half years left. The perfect car to buy.

I love the Astra. It is such a great car, perfect to drive, efficient, solid and reliable.

The cabin is well put together, everything feels firm and feels as though it will last for a long time. The door closes with a heavy thud. The seats are very comfortable, but the adjustment is done by a little wheel rather than a leaver, which is a bit annoying when reclining for a little nap in the car (here comes the age again).

The steering wheel is made of leather, and one year after I had bought the car I noticed it had started to peel. The car is mainly parked in a car port or an undercover car park in the city, so not much sun nor heat could have caused it. I wasn't really optimistic that the GM/Holden warranty will look after it, but they did. I went back to the dealer from where I'd bought the car and they confirmed that they would exchange the steering wheel.

I really like the way it connects the phone and I have found the streaming via Bluetooth is excellent. I had an i30 as a rental for a week, and I noticed that the music stops and continues for a second, a thing that does not occur in the Astra. Once the phone is connected, the streaming runs smooth and without interruption. Such a good little car.

I am using E10 petrol to fill up, and the reading comes back between 5.5 and 7 litres per 100 kilometres, but it depends if I do highway driving.

The average consumption I achieve is 6.5L/100km. I am very happy with the punch it delivers too. It has a 1.6-litre turbo engine - you put your foot down and you go. There is a little turbo lag though, but that is normal and really don't mind.

Thanks to the Holden capped-price service, it is fantastic, however I had some bad experience with Holden Dealers around my area (inner west of Melbourne).

The tyres are very thick and expensive to replace. One week after having the car, I hit a pot hole and damaged the tyre and it needed replacement. The tyre alone costs $360.00 just for one tyre - that is quite a price.

The car is European and very well made and designed. I highly recommend the car for everyone looking to upgrade their car. There are really good deals on Astras, and the service can be done in any reliable mechanic or garage.

The car has some little drawbacks; some parts are quite cheap and flimsy. The boot cover comes to mind, as it's very light and not well made, and could break easy. The spare wheel is only a doughnut and could be replaced with a proper one.

But I would by the car again, highly recommended.

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