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2017 BMW 118i M Sport review

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We recently moved to Queensland and before arriving had a new Chrysler 300 SRT which was perhaps the most incredible car we'd ever owned! The BMW 118i is a far cry in almost every respect however, different needs (garage size) required a small car.

We compared it to several other models in the same category: Mazda 3, Ford Focus, Hyundai i30, and while they were all fantastic and much cheaper, we are delighted with the value for money from Gold Coast BMW. We paid early $40Ks, inclusive of four years free servicing. They paid for the tints and really rolled out the red carpet at delivery time.

So size-wise, a very practical purchase, but wow, the performance out of the nimble 1.5=litre three-cylinder turbo is incredible, sitting at 110km/h comfortably on the M1 and down to Byron it's just magic. I would challenge anyone to drive it who wouldn't know the cc rating and have them guess. It's quick, punchy and extremely good on fuel, currently combined at around 5.2L/100km.

Technology is a great spec, everything very functional and easy to use. The sat-nav is user friendly and the sound system packs a wicked punch.

Interior-wise, it's now more BMW than ever, miles better quality than its predecessor which was manufactured for the Chinese market. These are well equipped, to a high standard of quality and much better looking than ever before.

The drive is effortless; A to B and all the way to Z, no matter the road condition or circumstances, this car delivers in every single way possible. I am in the motor sales industry, so I don't make this bold claim lightly.

The only annoyance are the blind spots, which is part in parcel of the design of the car. It's combated with a rear-view camera but this doesn't help when you're flying down the highway wanting to do a quick lane change. A digital speedo would also help. I can't understand how in 2017 that this isn't a mandatory requirement as most manufacturers keep pushing eyes to the front technology.

If you've got $40k to spend and the other brands aren't exciting you, take one for a test drive. You'll find most BMW dealerships are fantastic to deal with, look after the customer from the beginning and in the end you drive away in a high quality product that still gives you the wow that you need when you're looking back at it in the carpark.