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2017 Audi RS3 quattro review

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The RS3 sedan is an absolute pleasure to drive. I have owned it for two months and it is great in every way. The 2.5-litre has a great sound, and the all-wheel drive means it sticks to the road like nothing I have experienced. The team at Audi Sport do their magic so well and these cars are amazing.

The handling is amazing, and if your options list includes Magnetic Ride, the weighting between Comfort and Dynamic is more than noticeable. The dashboard (Audi calls it a Virtual Cockpit) is sensational and the RS model has unique displays including G-force meters. The way the dashboard can be configured is sensational, with the ability to use the instrument panel as a GPS guidance, then change the Virtual Cockpit to a tachometer with a G-force meter and many other flexible options.

The overall quality of the interior is outstanding. The attention to detail is astonishing. The difference between this car and the other cars in the A3 range sets a higher standard.

The steering wheel with its flat bottom and mixed finishes provides perfect feel and the feedback from the steering is impressive. The balanced feeling that is provided is a credit to the team at Audi Sport, and I am sure the car is capable of so much more than with my capabilities.

The depth of the paint is amazing, and when washed and sealed with Bowden’s Own product, the presentation is second to none. Unless you know what you are looking for, you can tell there is something different/special about the car, but with no scoops and vents it just looks classy and demands respect.

I cannot be happier with the car. The experience I had during the purchase process was exceptional, however most of this was eroded by Audi head office sending an email with a commitment of a gift and call to welcome me to Audi ownership, however nothing forthcoming and a number of emails sent back expressing my frustration with no response from Audi.

My advice is if the sales team offer something outside of the car and price, get it in writing as the Audi corporate office is lacking in following up.