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2016 Western Star Commander 7564 (6x4) review

Rating: 5.6
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Here is my new Western Star (formerly Malvern Star, for those of you who rode a pushbike in the '80s) Commander. It's a great pushbike alternative for those who can't afford a luxury car, such as the Bentley-equalling Infinity, or even a Nissan. This pushie features 7 forward gears as well as a 200cc 2-stroke overboost function for getting up those really steep hills, as well as pedally range-extenders. This pushbike features fully world-class luxury features like a leather seat and a lightweight alloy space-frame chassis. Front disc brakes are standard.

As one would expect from such a lightweight vehicle, handling is exceptional. It's a joy to chuck around any corner at any speed, although much care needs to be taken in the wet. Braking in the wet can be difficult if you've just gone through a puddle, but when it's dry she virtually pulls up on a 5c coin. Acceleration is great up to about 20kmh, but pulls all the way up to 30km, or 40kmh if you're going downhill with a tailwind.

A great pushbike for those on a budget, it is highly economical. You can get 100kms from only half a litre of fuel, and distance unlimited from your range-extending legs when used in combination with the pedals. It only needs servicing once a year, in line with major manufacturers, but at a fraction of the cost. A comprehensive service will set you back a measly $80, including all love and attention for that sweet donk. Consumables, such as brake pads and discs, are cheap as chips.

The downsides are few, but I shall list them anyway. In this, the current year, I feel it is an absolute rip-off that one must pay extra for a helmet. The tech list is also non-existent - buyers wanting such items such as headlights and taillights have to pay extra. Really? These should be standard inclusions, like they are with every other car manufacturer, especially Infinity. The one redeeming feature is that air-con is a standard inclusion.

In all, this is a pushbike that anyone can own, but ultimately few will purchase. IF you want to stand out from the crowd with your unique, fun vehicle, this is the pushbike to own.

Note from the Editor: Yes, yes - this is clearly not a car, but in the spirit of April Fools Day we thought it would be fun. Thank you to Simon for the submission from some time ago.