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2016 Volkswagen Touareg V6 TDI Review

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Originally I was looking at a Land Rover Discovery or a Mercedes-Benz, The Touareg wasn't even under consideration until my wife got a Passat as a company car. I was so impressed by the interior and performance I test drove the Touareg. The price range was a little high for a new one so I bought a second hand vehicle with low km's.

It's an incredible SUV and drives like a car and has plenty of power and super economical. I get 850 km to a tank and costs $85 to fill. It handles so much better than the other cars I test drove. I do a lot of beach trips on weekends and it's very easy to overtake at higher speeds. It's also great with electric tail gate you can open and close with keys, to get surf boards and golf clubs in and out easily.

It is a big car but parking senses make it easy to fit in smallest of spaces. The technology makes it easy to navigate, listen to music or talk hands free on the phone. Even reminds you on the dash that you are due for a service. Don't think twice if you are considering a Touareg.

If I had to be super critical brakes are not cheap and only last 30,000 km at a cost of $2500. Other than that amazing car a great value for money.