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2016 Volkswagen Golf 92TSI review

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As an upgrade, I was looking for a vehicle that looks nice, is well connected (technology-wise), and fuel efficient. I compared the Honda Civic, Mazda 3 and Volkswagen Golf in their base models.

The things that I enjoy most about the Volkswagen Golf:
- Performance: The car is fun to drive (for myself at least) and the steering is very direct and responsive. This is my first vehicle with a turbocharged engine, and so far I'm loving it!

- Fuel economy: I have been averaging 7L/100km (I travel around 700–800km per tank).

- Comfort: The Volkswagen Golf has a very smooth ride with little road and wind noise. I also found that it has considerably less body roll compared to my previous Corolla. There is also no problem fitting five people in the car.

- Multimedia system: Big screen is intuitive and responsive. It also has Apple CarPlay, which is an added bonus.

- Features: I love the auto-lock feature that activates when you are driving, the digital speedometer, the ability to open and close windows with the key fob, and the ability to only unlock the driver's door.

The main issue that I have with this car is the stop-start function. I love this feature when I am stopped at lights. However, I always turn it off when turning onto busy roads as the slight delay often gives me anxiety.

Another small issue is with the DSG transmission. At times when accelerating, the car is a little jerky and lurches forward. Other times, it is smooth as butter.

As I have had the car for less than a year, I don't believe that I am able to provide an objective reliability/durability report. However, the car did have a small paint defect under the clear coat and the dealer was so helpful in fixing it up with a respray under warranty. Customer care was top notch and I hope that it is the same when I head down for my first service, which is capped at $333.

With regard to pricing, the car had a recommended drive-away price of $25,490. We ended up getting the vehicle for $24,800 including the metallic paint.

Overall, I would not hesitate to recommend this car.