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2016 Toyota Landcruiser Prado GXL (4x4) Review

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In the UK we get the Active, which closely matches the GXL. I have been running mine for 3 months and very pleased with the economy (6l-8l/100km) depending how I use it. Using it on the farm it is better than my previous two Land Rover Discoveries (like the time I was idling and the engine let go at 25,000 miles. We don't buy enough 150's here to warrant all of the accessories you guys get in OZ, so I am about to get on a plane for a visit (to my new granddaughter actually).

My 6th passenger found the rear seats tight but it was only a 40km journey and the two Labradors sat next to her. What I needed was absolute reliability, it is early days, but when you see how this thing is built underneath, I have no worries!

The new 2.8 engine is smoother but you need to consider the load it is pulling before trying to out run others on the commuter run. I just sit back relax in the comfort and cruise amongst the heavy goods vehicles. They all tend to cruise at around 60mph (96kph) on their limiters and it really shows at the pumps. I did actually get about 6l/100km the other day (on the computer) but the worst I have achieved was about 8.5.

I watched all of your video reviews before ordering and luck would have it that my daughter's best friend has a Prado in Perth, now where was that dry river bed again?............