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2016 Toyota Kluger Grande (4x4) Review

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We have just upgraded from our old 2004 Kluger CVX to a new Kluger 4x4 Grande, so in comparison there is a huge difference. The Grande handles well around town and eats up the country miles in comfort even on dirt roads. As with all Toyotas, the Kluger is well known for its reliability. Our 2004 Kluger never missed a beat in 12 years and around 220,000km. Servicing costs are capped for three years or 100,000km.

When considering purchasing a new vehicle we test drove the Kia Sorento Platinum and the Kluger 4x4 Grande. In the end it came down to what was more fun to drive, including all-round viability, handling and emergency braking. The Sorento, under emergency braking came to a neck-jerking halt, whereas the Kluger stopped us strongly without any undue stress on our bodies.

The engine and transmission are a dream, with plenty of power on demand and smooth gear changes even under hard acceleration while passing or accelerating up a steep hill.

We just love the heated and cooled front seats and the overall quality of both the internal and external fittings. Of course, our 12-year old twins love the entertainment system with a decent sized DVD screen located in the middle of the roof behind the front seat. Even better are the three cordless headphones that come as standard equipment on the Grande, meaning both the driver and front seat passenger can have a conversation without having to shout over a movie playing on the DVD Screen.

Only had it for a few weeks, but we have already fallen in love with it and are sure that we made the right choice in purchasing the Kluger Grande over the Kia Sorento Platinum.

Cheers and happy motoring,
Ron K