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2016 Toyota HiLux SR (4x4) Review

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With the new crop of dual cab utes around, it is hard to decide which ones suits you better. Do I go for engine power, features, size or name? Mid-2016 I picked up my 2016 HiLux in hope that it would satisfy everything that I need.

I loved the standard rear-view camera and the cool box that comes standard with the SR as well as the 7-inch touch screen. They all helped to lift the ambience of the cabin and make it not seem as spartan as it really was. The cabin, although it has a lot of harder plastic is a nice place to spend time. The air con works well, the adjustable seat as well as the tilt and slide adjustment on the steering wheel makes it easy to find a good spot.

The engine for me was a bit of a disappointment. The torque on the engine I feel is adequate but it just doesn't have enough power in my opinion. It doesn't like to rev and sounds raspy and annoying at anything higher than 2500rpm and really intrudes into the cabin.

The automatic gearbox is quick to shift down when needed but sixth is so high (1700rpm at 110km/h) that it is always changing between fourth, fifth and sixth on anything more than a dead flat surface and can get quite annoying although on the freeway the higher gearing helps with noise and fuel.

Economy I average around 11L/100km and the small fuel tank makes it only good for 600 odd kms which is annoying especially considering I live in rural area way out of town.

Towing my 1.5T camper is good, doesn't struggle too much apart from steep hills and it settles down quite nicely.

My biggest gripe with this car is the SHOCKING ride. I feel like sometimes I am in a leaf sprung LandCruiser. It is appalling. The rear is a lot worse and could do with a few leaves taken out and put in as an option at the dealer if the car is going to be used to carry 400-500kg on a regular basis similar to what Volkswagen have done because at the moment it is terrible. The 2005-2015 model was a lot better in that respect.

I also got stuck in 4L whilst on a beach a few hundred kms away from civilisation and eventually got it to a dealer to find out the 4wd actuator has blown and needs to be replaced. People including myself get these cars for reliability but at 10,000kms you can't get it out of 4L in the middle of nowhere presents a real issue and gives me no confidence in taking it too far away from a dealer or tow truck.

Whilst it is an improvement on the old model in regards to the interior, the reliability, poor ride and loud engine at higher revs makes it a bitter disappointment. I will be selling this car and purchasing a Ranger very soon as I have heard and experienced nothing but good things and I am disappointed in what was such a build up.