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2016 Toyota Camry Atara Sl Hybrid Review

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Dropped in to Toyota dealer to give them a list of accessories to quote a 2016 HiLux. The wife was with me and as I was talking to the salesman I asked him if he had seen my wife he said I think she is out on the lot. About 5 mins later I see her 2013 Camry hybrid driving on to the lot and before I new it we were signing up on a 2016 Atara SL hybrid.

No test drive, didn't even have one in the showroom, anyway it got delivered the other day and wow what a difference; smoother and quieter than the previous model totally different body easier to drive, great safety features adaptive cruise control, emergency brake assist, and the lane leaving thingy reverse camera, front and rear sensors.

I took it for a run up to canberra over easter and went for a trip over the divide to Batemans Bay. Power and handling are excellent - the generators kick in when you put your foot down, no lag just instant pickup and before you know it you're past the car your overtaking with seamless gear changes.

Fuel economy was excellent 4.9l per 100km even though I was giving it a hard run up and down the great divide. Leather interior design is well done, multimedia and stereo is good and steering wheel instrumentation is easy to use.

All in all a quality upgrade for the final Camry to come out of Altona. Made for a fun driving holiday. Even though the wife holding on a bit through the tight corners of the great divide.?