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2016 Suzuki Vitara Rt-s Review

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Have had our Vitara for a bit over a month now we live in country Vic my wife drives her manual blue Vitara most days to and from work. On weekends it is used to travel to BawBaw area to visit our Daughters farm or in to the city to see Collingwood play where the car easy to drive and park.

My wife is over 70 years old I am very happy for her to drive such a top little Car. It is safe with a simple layout, everything is easy to reach and use. She has done long and short trips and fuel economy is between 6lt to 7lt per 100 km.

Handling is good on most surfaces and can be a lot of fun on gravel (while the wife is not in the car) 1.6lt motor is quite good in a car of this size and would be happy to recommend this car to the old and young alike on price, size, economy, looks, space and colour.

I am certain not all buyers are looking for super luxury or mind blowing performance . It slots in perfectly for small families or singles alike. A simple straight forward no nonsense motor car.

So far our dealing with the service department at our local dealer has been pleasant and they carried out a small recall on the first service car was returned in less than an hour. I will continue to use Suzuki for the services in the future. My wife has had 2 Toyota Rav4 prior to this car and is not disappointed in her change to Suzuki.