Suzuki Swift 2016 gl
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2016 Suzuki Swift GL review

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I purchased this car because of all the positive reviews I had read online, and I have to say it lived up to every single one of them. I absolutely love this car.

The exterior looks very trendy and modern. It has lovely big headlights, a nicely shaped body and a nice butt. Inside, it is actually extremely roomy, even though from the outside it looks like it would be rather small. The roof is very high on the inside, so there is a lot of room for tall people and it sort of gives an SUV feel (a small SUV that is).

It has very comfortable seats, which also look great, and there's plenty of leg room. The rear passengers also have a decent amount of room for a hatchback. You can fit two adults in the rear comfortably. Unfortunately, the boot space leaves a lot to be desired.

There are plenty of tech features including Bluetooth, AUX etc, and it has almost every other feature a modern car can have. It’s all laid out very nicely and clear, and very easy to operate and understand. There are also plenty of safety features in this car.

The performance of this car is great – I can't fault it. There is plenty of power when you need it, but the only time the car is a bit sluggish is when going up steep hills, but that’s probably to be expected in a 1.4-litre hatchback.

Apart from that it’s great. It’s very fun to drive, even on sharp corners and bends. It sticks to the road so very nicely, unlike a lot of other hatchbacks that feel like they’re about to go up onto two wheels when going around a roundabout. It is very zippy, especially around town and parking in small spots. Visibility is great too.

I have owned my 2016 Swift for 12 months and had no issues with it at all. I think it is very low maintenance, extremely cheap on fuel, very fun to drive, with all the safety features you need and cheap to service.

I honestly cannot recommend this car enough. Take one for a test drive, it won’t disappoint!