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2016 Subaru WRX Premium (AWD) Review

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Having recently dropped my MY16 WRX Premium off for it's first service (at 6, rather than 12 months disappointingly), I thought it was time to share some of my experience with the car. Let me preface this review by saying that I have long had a love affair with the WRX (thanks Gran Turismo) and this has been my first new car purchase.

The WRX has long copped flak for its interior quality, however I believe that it is adequate considering the extra money that is spent on the AWD drivetrain as well as the Boxer Engine, both things Subaru has done alone which is commendable for a smaller manufacturer. The cabin has a large glass house and although I sit closer to my significant other than I did in my VZ Commodore, the cabin still feels bright and airy despite the black, on black, on black interior. The seats are supportive and comfortable on most trips though past the 2 hour mark numb bum has been known to set it. The updated infotainment has worked flawlessly and the array of information presented by the dash top screen is appreciated. The hood for this display however has an obvious moulding seem and is my number one gripe of the interior. There is obvious cost cutting in other places, such as auto up/down only being available on the drivers window.

The driver assist technologies and safety features are welcome and include a reversing camera, rear cross traffic alert, blind spot monitoring and a kerbside camera mounted in the passenger mirror (handy for tight spaces and revers parallel parking). Auto headlights, dimming rearview mirror and windscreen wipers are also great additions.

In my opinion the cars performance and economy is fantastically balanced. My average consumption around town is 8.8 l/100km which is ever so slightly above the combined 8.6 figure on the sticker. Some have criticised the WRX for have a jarring ride though I find it more comfortable than my previous car, soaking up most bumps without much of a fuss. I would have appreciated if 5th and 6th gears were slightly taller as the engine still ticks over at 2500 rpm at 100 km/h in 6th gear.

Overall, the WRX is a thoroughly enjoyable and well priced AWD performance sedan amongst a sea of FWD hot hatches.