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2016 Subaru Outback 2.5i Premium review

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We bought our Outback at end of 2015, and our first main concern was seat height as we are both elderly. We previously owned a Statesman and also a small Mazda 2 hatch and while they were good for a long time, we found them hard to get in and out of. The Subaru Outback completely ticks that box as we find it exactly the right height. We looked at others and most you either had to climb up or drop down into.

What else do I like about the Outback? Everything, I can't praise it enough. Admittedly in the 13 months we have only done 14,000km. The adaptive cruise control is special, we use it nearly all the time. The collision avoidance is a necessity on every car in this day and age and is just so good. I had a child on a bike go out in front of me and the car had practically stopped before I had even thought to brake. Could have been a very different outcome if it wasn't for the collision avoidance.

Fuel usage is something that is mostly exaggerated, however, on a highway trip recently, with luggage for a week away and my wife and I, it returned, according to the readout, 6.3L/100km. Excellent!

A few of the other smaller features that we really like: the ability to preset the seat position for both my wife and I. Just a touch of the button. The luggage compartment is huge which is amazing.

Some reports say it lacks get-up-and-go, but honestly, I have found that it has ample power. We live in a hilly area. Admittedly, after living with a 5.7L V8 Statesman for years it is a little slower, but then, who really wants to leave part or your tyres on the road?

Everything considered, we are extremely happy with our choice, and best of all is when other Subaru owners come up and admire it. Just today, a couple that had a 1985 model Subaru came up and said what a wonderful car it was. My comment was he would be blown away by mine then.

Thanks Subaru.