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2016 Skoda Octavia Scout 132 TSI Premium (4x4) Review

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Moving from a Tiguan 2.oL diesel, the Scout is a step up in drive and suspension with a very good ergonomic cabin environment.

The wagon provides better access for carrying radio control model aircraft with its huge rear space when the rear seats are lowered.

I was truly amazed how it handles dirt roads which I often seek out to escape the more traffic intensive main roads. The all wheel drive and slightly raised body height gets me to places where model aircraft flyers tend to gather. Wet grassy slopes no problem!

The toys and tech wizardry are up market and in fact the same as in a friends Porsche Macan, so an excellent way of enjoying the better quality gear at an affordable price. the Audio system that comes with the Tech package is excellent with one minor exclusion of a DAB radio. The Adaptive cruise control and the the night vision from the excellent lighting system make this a vastly improved car to drive.

The 1.8TSI engine is a perfect match for this size of car. It is not meant to be a sports car but it does everything I expect with plenty of go when you need it and economy when you are just cruising, which with Australia's limiting speed controls the the norm. Most of the time I leave it in the economy drive mode and get 8.1L per 100km. Not as good as the diesel in my Tiguan but without the excessive depreciation I encountered when I came to sell it due to Mr VW and the diesel scandal.

The car fits in my garage (just) and is easy to park with good all round vision enhanced by the all round sensors and rear view camera with a tight turning circle.

Yes I like this car, it is almost perfect for what I was looking for and in some areas even better. At writing, I have driven just over 5,000km. The superior driving feel means I doubt I will go back to a SUV and at least I can reach over the roof to give it a wash.

Some writers criticise the the DSG saying it is jerky at slow speed. If this is so I am not noticing it but see a huge advantage in the smooth and fast gear changing always keeping you in the right gear with improved fuel economy.

Well done Skoda. For the record my wife now drives a 4x4 Skoda Yeti and prefers it over our Tiguan and we liked that car too.