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2016 Skoda Octavia 110 TSI Ambition review

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I purchased a one year old 2016 Skoda Octavia Ambition 110TSi manual with 11,000km on the clock for a ridiculous $18,999 driveaway. It is a good car but not a great car. The good is the technology, the ride quality and the economy, while the not-so-good is the slight shudder from the clutch on take off (at lights and especially hill starts).

In addition, it just does not seem to be geared correctly for traffic. In traffic, you are busy on the manual gear changes just to find the correct gear for the speed you are doing - but it's probably better than the dog 7-speed DSG that causes big problems.

The ride is buttery smooth, the doors close with a thud not a tinny clang like a Korean or Japanese car, and the dash lay out is simple and very attractive. I really like this car, as it's now up to 70000km with no real issues. It has had two gear shifter knobs (as the leather peels) and the fan motor is a little noisy. But it still is a very tight and enjoyable piece of kit.

Being a Skoda, my feeling is that it will be reliable until it is due for trade-in at approximately 24 months.

Another good thing about the car is the boot space, as being a hatch it has a massive cargo area. The Skoda also has really good visibility, but being the base model it does not have blind-spot detection.

The headlights are also just reflectors and not the HID type that is prevalent in many new cars. The Apple CarPlay and Android Auto is really good and easy to connect, and you can project your phone image (like sat-nav) onto the large centre screen.

The engine, being a 1.4-litre turbo, has enough power to easily go along at 110km/h on the freeway, and unlike naturally aspirated non-turbo models, it never over-revs or feels like it is doing it hard on the rev limiter.

Overall, it's a nice package for the daily commute, with the exception of the manual work in traffic. It is just a little plain but for the price it is European and has a nice build quality that more than stacks up against its Korean and Japanese competitors in the economy end of the market.

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