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2016 Nissan GT-R Premium Edition Review

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My new MY17 GT-R is quieter, smoother and gentler than my previous R35 GT-R's (MY09, MY12) but every bit as quick. There are no issues as a day-to-day drive, in which my wife is equally comfortable as a passenger or sometimes driver. I love the quality and comfort of the full leather interior of the luxury trim. The previous models could be a little harsh in day-to-day use on poor roads, but it is now a very civilised drive, while remaining a very capable fun machine for club sprint days at the racetrack on some weekends.

Power delivery appears to be stronger in the mid-range and definitely smoother across the rev range. You really need to be very vigilant regarding how quickly and quietly the car picks up speed on speed-limited roads. The Noise Cancelling technology used in this new model means that you now do not have the previous audible engine and exhaust cues! The transmission changes are smoother across the gears and less "clunky" at low speed. Brakes are always progressive and potent. The steering is very communicative but seems to require less input adjustments in corners. The new bodywork is visually attractive and evolutionary rather than revolutionary. The new front lower bar needs careful attention around curbs and high angle driveways but the sensors assist in letting you know when you are close.

As a value and technology performance car buyer, I still love the technologies employed in the R35. The significant price increase somewhat reduced the previously clear value proposition of the GT-R, but the added luxury and quality of the leather interior is welcome as the driver ages. I would still like Nissan to get more up-to-date GPS mapping and info which, in my experience, is at least a year behind with infrequent updates available. You cannot download these updates. Speed sensitive wipers would also be expected. An integrated forward facing video camera with removable media for day-to-day as well as track driving would be a suggestion.

Overall, I am quite happy with the MY17 GT-R and hope it will hold my interest through to when the R-36 may be launched!