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2016 Mitsubishi Pajero Gls LWB (4x4) Review

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I picked up my second choice of this Pajero Sport on the 2ND of June 2016; why I say second choice is I ordered a black vehicle only to be told it was only available in the exceed, shame on you Mitsubishi your dealers didn't know when I placed my enquiry.

I have had 2 Pajeros both petrol and a Challenger diesel and the Pajero Sport is certainly an upgrade in technology, off road it certainly is capable and comfortable, however the fuel consumption figures on the windscreen must be for another vehicle. A recent country trip 9.6L per 100km is the best and only for a short period, I had the cruise control set on just under 110 kph, the 9.6 didn't last long and the total trip average was 10.2L per 100km. Around town 10.2 to 11.0 is my average.

This fuel consumption then raises another point; why in a very capable off road vehicle would you have a 68L tank ? It should be at least 90L.

I am 183cm in height and whilst the drivers seat just gets there when it does another person of the same height is seriously struggling to sit in the second row....why didn't Mitsubishi sacrifice 150mm of rear storage space and there is heaps to consider taller people rear seat passengers.

The rear wiper needs to be longer it leaves quite a blind spot due to it being small.

Overall I am happy with my vehicle even though it's not black, but have a think about this my wife's car is due for a change had the XLS been available in black I would have had one for work and one for home...you missedbout Mitsubishi.