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2016 Mitsubishi Mirage Ls Review

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Overall I am quite impressed by the new facelift Mirage. Yes the engine note intrudes a little when accelerating but in my opinion it is a characterful sound.

I love the way the CVT gearbox works, keeping the revs as low as possible until you need more power, then increasing the revs only as high as necessary. Cruising along at 100 it is usually at about 2000 rpm (depending on load).

People call them a micro car, but it's actually about the same size or bigger than some other cars I have owned which weren't called micro cars (e.g. Merc A160 & VW Golf GTI). It's certainly bigger than my 1982 Mitsubishi Mirage Turbo - maybe not quite as much fun though;)

There's always room for improvement however, I would like a reversing camera, and cruise control to make it ideal. For some reason that's not available (at least not here in New Zealand) I suppose the powers that be have decided it's just a city car. That's a shame really because it seems reasonably capable of cross country jaunts to me.

As for interior space, I consider it a 2 - 3 seater if you're going on a trip and want enough luggage space, but if you're not taking much then it would comfortably fit four adults. Five (if three were small) is also doable.

I like the look of the car from the front and from the side, I am not as fond of the rear view which seems to me a typical micro car look, even though as I mentioned before I don't consider it one. In conclusion it's a nice car that is generally liked by those who have actually driven one.