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2016 Mazda Mx-5 Review

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I am absolutely in love with this car! I've always loved the idea of a small low slung sports car, and have always had an eye for convertibles. Theres something so old world about them that makes you feel nostalgic for a time you've only experienced through books and films.

After watching almost every unveiling and first drive review for the best part of a year I was finally able to order in May 15, a few months before its Australian release. I picked the car up in early August and it has been a love affair ever since. The car is even better looking in the flesh!!! I was really happy with the standard features (which hadn't been publicised when I placed my order... gulp!). The first thing I noticed was how low down you sit and how close you are to the upright windscreen..perfect!

I wasn't counting on getting the LSD or headrest speakers in my base model 1.5 so that was a really nice surprise.

Before picking the car up I was worrying a little about the engine... maybe I should have waited a bit longer to order the 2.0, maybe I would be disappointed with the 1.5. But surely it wouldn't be a dud, it's the only engine they offer in the domestic market.

From the moment I took off from the dealer all my worries went away. The engine started up with a little rev that sounds a bit aggressive and once on the road it felt really "peppy". After my first 1,000km break-in period, I finally took it up to redline. Glorious!

The comfort, handling, braking, throttle response are all brilliant. The general get-up-and-go is brilliant too, when you stretch its legs (which its built for). Its obviously not a lazy cruiser that will rumble along on a plethora of torque.

Perhaps the single most surprising fact in my almost six months of ownership is the fuel economy - I am getting better than the claimed figure of 6.1 per 100km's, with absolutely no special treatment. In fact I constantly rev the engine (because I love the sound it makes) and drive with the a/c on. I have averaged 5.9 since I picked it up! Even doing a car club event where I drove over 700km's with the engine in the 3 - 5.5 rpm range for the majority of the trip, I got 6.5. Another lady in the club who drives her car a little more sedately is easily getting 5.4... I am just amazed!! Real world Prius beater!!

However, that is not the point. My favourite part of owning this car is how it makes me feel. When I see it I smile (after checking it hasn't been dinged in the car park - there is always a few tense moments on return). It really is like the add where you see someone driving around with a grin on their face. It makes me feel special, like I'm part of a club, that I've been let in on a secret - how can I be having this much fun in something so beautiful, and relatively practical, and affordable!! How??? I thought I would be old and grey before I could have my dream car but thank you Mazda I can enjoy it now and for many, many more years to come.