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2016 Mazda MX-5 GT Review

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Mazda has put a lot of thought into this car and the end result is a very useable car that has an aura of quality about it.

Great fun to drive and everything is easy to use. Seats are comfortable with a good driving position. The soft top is quick and easy to use.

I am 1.8 metres tall and have not had any issues at all.

A couple of minor points do need addressing. The lack of telescopic steering wheel adjustment has not been an issue for me but a taller person would need it. The factory exhaust does not do the car justice and I have added an after market sports exhaust (muffler only) and this has not only given the car more character but seemed to make the engine smoother.

A rear-view camera should be standard and I also fitted the factory one. The installed wind blocker is reasonable but the optional factory glass one is much better and immediately made a difference. These additions complemented an already outstanding car.

This car is very economical to drive and yet still seems to have very good performance. The engine is very responsive even from low revs in top gear. That is the power to weight ratio coming into play.

Servicing costs are average but frequent at every 10,000km.

Mazda has produced an outstanding car with only a few minor issues that are easily fixed in most cases when initially optioning the car.

A fun and rewarding car to drive.