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2016 Mazda CX-5 GT Safety (4x4) Review

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CX-5 GT looks the part from the outset. LED DRL, Headlights and Tail lamps. 19" dark alloys wheels. Inside Black leather and trim with classy chrome highlights, make you feel a little better shelling out $50K on a car.

Start the 2.2lt diesel engine and you would be mistaken for thinking you were in the petrol engine CX-5. Its not 'diesely' at all until you tip in to drive off. Even so it's a very quiet and smooth twin turbo diesel. With 420Nm it makes this car feel light on its feet and never struggles to give you the torque you want and never more than 7L/100km in the real world.

Steering is direct but over assisted at low speed, but this makes it a breeze through the back streets and supermarket car parks. Ride is firm but no uncomfortable making you satisfied that its a 'sportier' family car.

Door opening efforts are low, the tailgate is a standout for open and closing force and its low height to lift heavy shopping into. Plenty of rear legroom for me at 186cm in the outer two rear seats, but a fair bit tighter in the middle. Rear Cargo area is impressive, as too is the awesome seat folding levers.

Infotainment is a touch screen, dial and button combo. Standard features include; bluetooth, USB ports, SATNAV etc. The only downside is the the MZR Connect can be a little slow to react, but the 9 Speaker Bose sound system is really impressive. Sunroof is quite small, but quiet and comfortable when open.

Overall a brilliant family car with economy, style and fine dynamics.