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2016 Mazda CX-5 Akera (4x4) Review

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Performance and economy of the diesel engine is very impressive and well worth the price premium over the petrol variant. The automatic transmission and drivetrain are silky smooth. Servicing cost to date has been reasonable. Reliability has been excellent with no faults, either major or minor, to report to date although the vehicle has travelled less than 40,000km. Ride and handling are superb and road noise has not been a issue as some reviewers have reported.

Compared to my previous Hyundai, the vehicle feels more luxurious, refined and better finished. Also doesn't have the electrical gremlins of the Hyundai and the bluetooth is much easier to pair to devices.

Safety features are long and impressive and although I thought the radar cruise control was a bit of a gimmick before purchase, now love it and if the dollars will stretch worth the extra.

The i-stop system takes some getting used to and I wonder if the fuel savings will compensate the extra cost of replacing the extra large battery when very little stop-start city driving is done.

The Bose sound system is fantastic and the interface with sound/navigation/bluetooth is logical and easy to use. Love the big master control knob.

List price seemed more expensive than similar vehicles but Mazda more willing to come in with a better changeover price and vehicle available for immediate delivery unlike other manufacturers where had to wait months to take delivery.

Lack of rear seat A/C vents disappointing, but this is probably may only beef.

The vehicle is simply a joy to drive and well worth the purchase price.