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2016 Mazda CX-3 S Touring (FWD) review

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The minute I saw the CX-3 revealed, I knew it was the next car I wanted. Coming from a Mazda 3 diesel, I was hoping for the diesel, however I was not able to afford the diesel in the model I wanted (S Touring), and it didn’t come in a manual, which for me was also a contributor.

I chose the manual and it is great to drive. It shifts smoothly, with hill hold for hill starts, and overall the power is more than adequate for the 1200-odd kilogram kerb weight.

When inside, you almost feel like you’re in a premium car. I believe it to be the most premium-looking interior in a car in this segment. The interior is, however, a little cramped for back seat passengers. I’m sure it would be adequate for a young family, but once a little older an upgrade might be necessary. The lack of soft-touch materials does let it down a little, but I’m more style over anything else.

While lacking Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, the infotainment system is a pleasure to use with nice graphics and the six-speaker sounds system is great. And with Mazda beginning to roll out Android Auto and Apple CarPlay in the States on the Mazda 6, hopefully it’s only a matter of time before I’m able to update and get it.

Since owning the car, I have had the roof and side mirrors wrapped black, badges painted black, and exhaust fitted, which has contributed to a little more road noise but it rarely bothers me. The Soul Red metallic is definitely one of the best colours in the range and it’s worth the extra money to get it.

Tyre roar and engine noise were always pretty audible, but that adds to the character of the car. It corners well with a spirited engine, and you can really have fun when you want to. Fuel usage has been amazing, with the average fuel use at 6.2L/100km, which is only 0.2L more than my diesel Mazda 3!

I have not regretted buying my CX-3, even with all the new rivals entering the market with a compact SUV, and it definitely still looks modern among its rivals.