Mazda 6 2016 gt safety
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2016 Mazda 6 GT Safety review

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I bought this good-looking Mazda 6 GT Wagon diesel last July 2016. I have had this car for just over a year now and thought I’d share my experience.

Why the GT and Diesel? Well, glad you asked!

Personally, I believe the GT is worth every penny with its head-up display, blind-spot monitoring, moonroof, nice comfortable leather seats, the beautiful 19-inch wheels and other extras you get when compared to the Touring variant.

I went straight for the diesel version because of the amount of torque this mighty engine produces – that caught my eyes indeed.

Being a diesel, it is quite refined and smooth. On the highway, you forget you are driving a diesel as you can barely hear the engine from the inside of the cabin. The 2.2-litre twin turbo diesel engine on this Mazda 6 produces 129kW and a whopping 420Nm of torque – that’s more than the previous 3.0-litre Toyota HiLux diesel!

The power in the Mazda 6 diesel is always there when you need it. Also, from 2000-3000rpm, this engine is enough to put a big smile on your face.

What do I like about this car?

Apart from the torque figure, I really like the whole design. Mazda did an excellent job with the GT version. Those 19-inch wheels fit perfectly to this wagon. Further, I like the LED lights at the back.

Going inside, you will find a lot that will make you feel good for spending your money on the Mazda 6 GT. First, the leather seats are quite comfortable and feel premium indeed.

We, my wife and I, like going on long distance trips often and find it very comfortable as I can drive this car all day without feeling any fatigue. I feel like the seating position is well-matched and everything is at reach easily for the driver, and that’s important for me.

The infotainment commander control dial helps a lot when you are person who does not like fingerprints on your dashboard screens. On top of helping to keep it clean, it helps a lot to navigate through the system, thanks to the shortcut buttons.

The head-up display is quite helpful as well. It is easier for me to just look at it instead of the analog speedometer which is at a lower eyesight level.

Most importantly, the diesel consumption is great. I drove 944 kms with just 56.43-litres of diesel. That’s 5.98L/100km – and I am not light-footed, although I do baby the machine most of the time!

So what don’t I like about the Mazda 6?

I am not a big fan of hearing the wind coming through the door seals. That’s quite cheap from Mazda to even let something like that slip through.

The other thing that I believe is so over-rated is the sound system. I think Mazda can do so much better with their sound system. The bass is very weak even when set to the maximum.
Oh yeah, then comes the noise from the moonroof when it’s tilted. I think Mazda should have installed a wind deflector to minimize the wind noise.

As far as technology is concerned, I am quite content with what comes with the car, hence the GT. I like the I-Eloop that works in the background without you even noticing. I know a lot of you would want the Android Auto or Apple CarPlay, but I quite like the options in the MZD Connect already.

I would highly recommend this car to anyone who does not like the look of an SUV. This wagon has enough space for a family of four to five people. For $52k-$55k, the GT has set the benchmark in its class – it’s a complete car.

And yeah, her name is Daisy!