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2016 Mazda 2 Maxx Review

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I cannot speak for durability. However, this little car (GSX in NZ, with satnav, climate control, 16" diamoncut mags, reverse camera, blindspot monitor, speech control, and other things I hope to find out more about soon).

I was at the local recycling plant when I noticed the Mazda 2 beside our Swift 1.4. I asked the driver about it - he had traded his Swift, and was full of praise for the better bits in the Mazda 2. Now I have one, I agree.

POWER: much improved.

HANDLING: pleasure to drive into corners.

ECONOMY; amazing this is 1/2metre longer than the Swift, and has better economy.

SPORT MODE; I thought I was going to miss the low-ratio of the Swift -- not so.

CLIMATE CONTROL- it works really well. Had the test ride on a hot (for NZ) day. I had the windows down in the Swift… the 2 zoom-zoomed with the aircon as well as the motor.

CAMERA: something I had decided I did not want - Great, as well as the sensors along the back of the car. You hear things before they reach the camera.

So far, no complaints, and lots to love. The auto wipers and lights are pretty good too, just set them and forget, they are great. Our local agent is Autohaus, which deals in Ford, BMW and a few others. Got well treated from get-go. upgraded the mats and put in the rubber stowage mat in the back, and the 'man-bra' as my wife likes to call it.
Recommended heartily. Watch the right foot though.