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2016 Mahindra Xuv500 (FWD) Review

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My car has only done first 10,000 kms, I love the fact that it gives me relaxed economy of about 13.6 kms a litre of fuel with air conditioning on in local traffic, and 14.6 kms per litre on highway with air con on.

I did not have any issues with engine or anything but do feel that suspension is bit hard and even small bumps will rattle the cabin. I had issues with noisy front and rear left passenger seats and some tuck tuck sound comes from the front whenever I enter and exit a roundabout, which is quiet annoying.

My car is up for 10,000 kms today and they promise they will rectify all of these minor issues, Mahindra has to work to provide more of a service network because they have only one partner place in Adelaide down Salisbury plains which takes me 40 min to drive.

We have been to Brisbane with no issues. Look overall of the car has turned some heads. My friends appreciated the space it offers in third row as well and comfort of charging points and ac vents. Look I love the car but it has room for improvement with suspension and service network.

My friend has same car with 150000 kms and his car engine is quieter than mine, and he did not have any major issue with the car, my car engine sounds loud but maybe it needs to break in. If they can grow the service network in South Australia I will definitely recommend.