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2016 Kia Sportage Sli (AWD) Review

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After only 10 days..1000km mainly country driving..

Love the comfort, handling and power from the diesel engine. First tankful took me from southern Sydney to Moruya area with local trips, then Canberra and return. then back to Batemans Bay. Computer showed 6.4 litres per hundred which seemed to tally with kilometres covered. Now back in Sydney with local trips, computer is showing 6.8.

I previously owned the 2012 Sportage Sli petrol which was an excellent car (the only car I have ever owned which I didn't have to take back with warranty issues) It's only shortcomings were restricted forward and rear vision and the ridiculously low setting of the front passenger's seat .These issues have been addressed in the new model.

I have been following the running in guidelines so haven't yet exceeded 3000 rpm (well, not by much), It has so much torque in the range 1500 to 3000 rpm I probably won't have to. Kia's seem to be made of stronger metal than other makes I have owned. Five years of parking in supermarket carparks has yielded barely a mark on my old Sportage from careless door openers. I expect the new one to be the same (no marks yet after a week)

The auto transmission seems well suited to the diesel engine. Particularly useful is the automatic selection of a lower gear if brakes are engaged on a long descent enabling engine compression to assist braking. It seems almost uncanny in its ability to judge when this is necessary, meanwhile the fuel consumption readout stays on zero.

Love the car; bags of power, looks great, sporty SUV handling through bends (Clyde Mountain ), comfortable and economical.

What more could I ask for ?