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2016 Kia Sorento SLI (4x4) Review

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After reviewing all available new seven seaters SUVs, we narrowed it down to the Sorento and Mazda CX-9. We decided to go with the Sorento as we did not want to wait for the Mazda and given the price points, couldn't be happier with our decision.

The thing that stands out with the Sorento is the value for money equation you get when you actually look deeper into every objective criteria. It's powerful yet frugal, smooth and quiet, simple but classy, spacious yet compact (getting into our garage and still allowing for the boot to open is a plus) and the seven year warranty is just the icing on the cake.

This has got to be the most sensible family SUV in the market. I haven't even touch on all the features you get which is plenty. Anyone looking for a seven seat family SUV will be unwise not to give this car a test drive. It's a smart choice for the family.

We've done about 5000kms already and no issues with the engine or transmission. A couple of things we've notice was that the leather was starting to smooth out a little bit and the infotainment system froze up several times so we took it to the dealer and they installed a brand new one without question and everything was fixed.

We would like to see Apple CarPlay and Google android to be part of the infotainment system for new models or allow current systems to be updated. Money well spent here.