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2016 Kia Sorento SLI (4x4) Review

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Smooth,powerful and refined...

Interior is better than previous model which I had. Only 4000 kms so far but loving it. Had a drive of a friends x5 the other day and I couldn't help thinking the Kia was better. The previous Sorento owned was the v6 and I liked the power, though getting used to the excellent torque of the diesel and the more sure footedness of the 4x4. Fuel consumption is also much better. Car is super comfortable and has very good space.

Based on resale of my previous 2013 Kia Sorento I'm very satisfied with the brand. The first person who looked at the car, bought it. I could have sold it many times over based on the calls I received, looks like people are aware of the great value and performance of these models...

Things I don't like???

Placement of hazard light switch a bit dumb. You can brush it on accidentally when your handling the entertainment system.

Bluetooth system hooks in well but sometimes callers complain of echo. (seems to not happen all the time.

Good stuff???
Everything else... Power,economy,space,comfort,classy cabin,great stereo, excellent GPS, great safety features, value,warranty.

I have come to like the diesel, my previous Sorento was the v6 and this was also a great engine but different. The v6 had more overall grunt and better 0-100 but it used more fuel. around 10-20% more on average. Also more fun at the lights!!! LOL...The diesel has the better torque grunt so initial takeoff is great with the turbo diesel but it runs out of puff a bit quicker compared to the v6.

In saying that, the diesel makes a lot of sense. It's very smooth and has more than enough power, feels better for towing and definitely more economical on average 20-30% when driven smoothly.