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2016 Jeep Grand Cherokee Overland (4x4) Review

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I was going to buy one, I loved the way it drove, the features and spec sheet were all top notch, had them bargained down to $65k.

Had literally every feature under the sun in terms of tech, adaptive cruise control, a pleasant voice over which will tell you the speed limit for the road you're on. Heated seats, rear screens and the list goes on and on.

So why then did I not buy it? The last piece of criteria I had was that it must be able to get up my driveway. it was a quite a steep driveway and my existing 2007 Prado managed just fine. Also, I had a 2000 model Patrol which was also equally capable. In the past I have also tried the CX-9 which managed to go up, but almost touched. The Discovery 4 also managed just fine. Cars like the Kluger and Pathfinder were out of question as they didn't have the right approach and departure angles suitable for my driveway. So I really needed a car capable of going off-road- as these are the only cars which can make it up my driveway with sufficient clearance.

So on the final test drive before I paid the deposit, I brought the Overland home and tried it on my driveway. The car simply would not go up. The wheels spun and the engine and transmission began to whine. It was unable to make it up. On the straight the diesel managed to have blazing pick-up and it held the road nicely, but on my driveway it failed entirely. It was truly pathetic. I even tried putting it into low gear, and even then it couldn't go up.

Mechanically the Jeep Grand Cheerokee is just awful. If it can't do what a 4wd should, then it doesn't deserve to be called a 4wd at all.