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2016 Hyundai Tucson Highlander R-series (AWD) Review

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We had a top specification IX35 and traded it in for a Highlander Tucson R series 2 litre Diesel. The handling in the newer model is much improved as is the steering feel.

It is well speced with heated and air cooled seats, auto tailgate, full audio and sat nav, radar land and proximity, rain and headlight auto sensing, etc. Fuel economy not so good as claimed. And it is a bit plasticky and feels cheap when compared with the IX35 and the competitors.

The turning circle is much improved and the road noise is less but still not great. The rear seats are good as is the rear compartment options with folding rear seats. The rare adjustment on the rear seats is interesting and could be a feature. The keyless entry is good as is the keyless start/stop.

The biggest problem is that the bluetooth phone connection is rubbish and unusable. The microphone distorts and you cannot be understood. In other countries they have an outgoing microphone volume adjustment. But not in " she'll be right" Australia. They cannot fix it in Australia but fixed it elsewhere! I rented one in Ireland and it was fine.

The price has gone up considerably. It once was great value now just so so. Think about its competitors before you buy. The Bluetooth is almost a deal breaker it is that bad! Would I buy one again? Maybe, but I would look closer at the opposition as the value has gone right out of the Tucson when compared with the IX35