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2016 Hyundai Santa Fe Highlander CRDi (4x4) Review

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This is a review on just receiving the 2016 Highlander(DM3) Santa Fe in April 2016 and only having just done the 1,500K first service. I have had this vehicle for just over one month now and it has taken this long to familiarise myself with all the features and its driving ability on both residential, highway and rutted dirt roads.

All I can say is that it is an exceptional vehicle and does everything that I could want from a SUV. There is nothing really that I could say bad about the vehicle. The only complaint I have is the fuel tank could be a bit larger(70 litres or over) and the towing capacity(downforce) on the tongue should be 200KG. Also, it should come with adaptive HID headlights in both high and low beam and the SUV should have a tyre pressure monitoring systems, other than that, it is, in my opinion, a corker of a SUV and for the price nothing matches it, happy motoring in your Santa FE Highlander.

Fuel consumption is very close to what they quote in the book. The sound system is exceptional, the adaptive cruise control is exceptional and so is the rear cross traffic alert system. The heated and ventilated seats are just what you need if your back is sore especially on long country drives. Love the auto opening rear door, although a couple of times I have been caught out with it opening when I did not want it to as I had the key in my pocket and came up to the vehicle and did not realise it was going to open.

Before deciding on this SUV, I also looked at the Kia Sorento and the Mercedes GLC. Dollar for dollar, feature for feature, and fit for purpose, the Santa Fe Highlander, was in my opinion, the best. Happy motoring.