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2016 Hyundai i30 Active X (sunroof) Review

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The 130 is the complete package. All the technology you could ask for, great iPhone connectivity, all the instruments are clearly visible and the adjustable steering works a treat for the two drivers using the car.

We were lucky to see and get the beige leather appointed interior which is a big plus after so many black interior options. With the sunroof open its really like being outside, not in a black cave looking out.

Access to, and exit from the car is very easy for we two "old farts", (one with a tin knee and"kneeding" another one). Rear seating is considerable, considering the size of the vehicle, and rear storage is ample.

On the road we couldn't ask for more. It handles very well around town and will negotiate any small parking spots with ease. Over country roads the i30 is "FUN". Acceleration is great and the ride is smooth, while a bit of road noise causes the hearing aids to be adjusted slightly (Floor mats and rear boot liner will dampen this down, when they are delivered).

The i30 Active X has delivered all that we were looking for when buying a vehicle - which was to take the some of the load off our Caravan tug. Unfortunately, as we both love driving the i30 so much, the Tug is feeling neglected!

We were also looking at the cost to run, so the roadside support plan along with the fixed price servicing schedule gives us great savings and peace of mind over the long term.

We are very happy with our Hyundai i30 and hope that we both outlive the warranty, if so we will be updating to another i30.