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2016 HSV Clubsport R8 LSA review

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For many, HSV is the most loved car brand in Australia. Unfortunately there will be no more, which is exactly the reason I decided to buy a Gen-F2 R8 LSA. I have owned a few different HSV’s in my life and I couldn’t miss out on the chance to have one of the last ones. I have owned a VT Clubsport in Midnight Purple and the HSV XU8 a few years back. Due to my job, I've had to own a work car, which offered no performance or fun - which is what I was looking for. So when I first laid eyes on the Gen-F2 HSV’s, I just had to have one. Like the slogan says, “I just want one”.

I bought the car in 2017 for $80,000 straight from the dealer and I haven’t looked back since. I love this car and everything about it. Sure, it has a few little imperfections here and there but that’s why I like it.

I love this car's styling, the aggressive look of the front and the sheer size makes it a presence on the road. It's a car not for the faint of heart. I love the interior as well; it’s a fantastic size with lots of room for five people and very comfortable bucket seats for the front, wrapped in a leather and suede combination. I have seen many reviews and have heard people saying that the interior feels “cheap” and “tacky” but personally I don’t agree. It feels very authentic to me and the way that HSV have mixed a sport and plush interior looks amazing.

As for the technology, it’s got almost everything you would want. It’s got GPS, Bluetooth, a DVD player (for when you are parked), electric seats and much more. If you want to be really picky you might not like the fact that it doesn’t have heated or cooled seats like a lot of cars these days, but hey, I don’t really care if it has them or not, so I can look past that. One issue I do have is with the Pandora App. It was a music streaming service that is no longer available in Australia. On newer models, Holden now puts Spotify in as a standard app, but I am still stuck with Pandora. I would love to be able to get it changed but I don’t think that day will come, unfortunately.

The touchscreen unit is a little tacky and slow to respond at times, but it's nothing to get mad about. It’s not as quick or as reactive as one you might find in an Audi or Mercedes.

This car has been super reliable for over two years now and I haven’t had any technical issues with it. I hope that one day HSV could possibly return, but I personally can’t see it happening. They went out with a bang and at least I was able to get one. I don’t plan on ever selling my HSV and hope it can last me a very long time so that I can continue to enjoy it for many years to come.