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2016 Honda HR-V VTi-S Review

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I purchased our HRV STi in Jan 2016 and am very satisfied overall.

Economy: tried E10 but not worth it-consumption increases. Tried R95 but not worth it either. Consumption decreases but only by about 5% whereas cost is 10-12% more. 91Ron gives us approx. 8.5km/L around town and 6.8km/L country (50% with air con, cruise at 102 kph).

Best points: quiet, smooth, comfortable, economical, flexible magic seats, big luggage area, left lane camera, auto wipers & lights.

Worst points: I find the Auto air con/heater controls unnecessarily confusing and not helped by the Owners Manual. Tyre noise on rough bitumen at country speeds a bit intrusive. High beam is a bit dull compared with the LCD low beam. 3 year warranty is not on these days, especially with all the technical gadgets that can go wrong. I went for 5 year warranty in the bargaining and got it included.

Watch out when reversing using the rear view camera. The orange/yellow distance lines appear to be measured (or apply) ON THE GROUND ONLY, ie not what is behind you above the ground. e.g A vehicle parked behind you can appear to be 3m away but in fact is less than a metre. Now I know why the top model has distance sensors as well as the camera!

I was disappointed to discover that Fixed Price servicing does not necessarily mean total cost. Other items may be required depending on vehicle use. I suppose this is typical in all new vehicles but I did not understand this at the time of purchase.

Last but not least: The car comes with free Roadside Assist. I am an RAC member and discussed this with them. They readily suggested I transfer to an associate member status as long as the free roadside assist applies. This saved me about $130 per year ($650 for the 5 years)