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2016 Holden Commodore SS-V review

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The reason I purchased the VF2 SS-V was that I wanted to own a piece of Australian history for myself and for my son. I want him to know how good we had it in this country with our mighty V8's.

The SSV is a sleek looking vehicle from every angle. It's a car that I think will never get old in terms of design. What Holden have done is build a modern day classic. The only thing I dislike is that it hasn't got Apple CarPlay, but everything else is fantastic.

The technology for a five year old vehicle is what you would expect but it hooks up to my phone easily. The climate control is absolutely amazing - it's very cold but that's what you would expect for an Australian vehicle.

The power from the 6.2-litre is mind blowing. It doesn't take much encouragement to get going, and with the 6-speed auto it cruises along the highway very smoothly and with no effort. You never need to worry about having to overtake a truck or caravan, as it has enough power to make passing anything an absolute breeze.

The SS-V is big enough to carry three big adults, and it just makes sitting in the back a comfortable and enjoyable ride.

I've had the vehicle for only six months as I bought it second hand but it has no rattles or squeaks. That to me speaks volumes of the build quality of this car. It's not a vehicle I will use for an everyday car but that's not why I bought it.

It's a sad time in Australia for the muscle car with no Falcon and no Commodore V8's. The future of motoring in this country is now being dictated by GM and other vehicle manufacturers. The days of long road trips in the back of a great Aussie muscle car or any big Aussie six are now long gone. People like myself are now the custodians of these great pieces of Australian motoring of a time gone by. If you can find some way of owning an Aussie V8 I absolutely recommend that you do so. If we don't then our kids kids will never know what our country grew up on.

The great Peter Brock would have never let this happen to his brand but we all can make sure no one ever forgets what Holden have left us with: the greatest Commodore V8 ever, the last of the Aussie big bangers.

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