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2016 Holden Barina RS review

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The RS Barina is definitely a cool little car. The 1.4-litre turbo engine has a lot of balls to it, especially with the six-speed manual gearbox. I personally believe this little combo certainly helps, as I have been able to overtake a car in sixth gear effortlessly.

The handling and suspension are very good as well – it's not your average Barina. As a country car, not all the roads are perfect and the suspension certainly manages to soak up a majority of the bumps. The overall handling is easy and light, however the turning circle can sometimes be a little tight.

I've not had any issues with the Barina. Fuel consumption tends to average around 6.1–6.3L/per 100km, which is fairly impressive considering the car sits at approximately 2800rpm at 110km/h. I can easily get 600–650km out of the 42L fuel tank.

Practicality-wise, for me personally, the car is becoming too small and we are looking to upgrade to a larger car soon. The boot isn't the biggest (which is to be expected with a small car), however it is fairly deep, so there is the ability to stack the groceries on top of each other to get it all to fit.

I have been able to fit four adults in fairly comfortably. There is decent head room, however if the passenger decided to have their knee resting up against where the gearstick is, it is quite easy to knock their knee when going into reverse.

Sitting in the back isn't too bad, but if there is a taller person sitting in the front, it will greatly reduce the amount of leg room for the back passengers. The seats are very comfortable, both front and rear, and the heated front seats (both driver and passenger) are amazing in winter!

The air-conditioning is also fantastic! Most small cars really seem to struggle with the air-con, both performance-wise and cooling, but the Barina is really good. However, going up hills can be a slight struggle, but in general it is very good.

As for improvements, I would say the need for an actual centre console with an armrest, which is non-existent. There is a fold-down armrest for the driver's side, but it would have been better to have one for both driver and passenger.

Overall, I cannot fault the car. It has been a fantastic little car, and I will be sad to see it go when the time comes to trade it in for our new car.