Haval H6 2016 premium
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2016 Haval H6 Premium review

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Haval has a gem on its hands with the H6 – the price, comfort, style, price, technology and the price are all selling points to this vehicle. The ton of features in the H6 compared with others in this medium SUV class, all at around $10–15K less than the competition, are eye-opening to say the least. However, with all new car brands originating out of Asian markets, there is a very tough sell to the Australian consumer.

It's certainly a head-turner on the road, and I don't have enough fingers to count how many times someone has stopped me and asked 'what sort of car is that?'. Generally, after a five-minute discussion on the vehicle and features, the inquisitive person wants to race off to the nearest dealer and get themselves a H6.

The car is solid to boot – when you close the doors or the boot there is a heavy 'thud', it's not plastic at all. I also know the solidity of the car around the front end, after hitting a deer in the vehicle with little damage to the grille/bumper and no structural damage at all. It did take approximately five weeks to get the car into a panel beater (being relatively new to the Australian market), but it was cosmetic so it didn't bother me. The deer is fine by the way.

It has a gutsy 2.0-litre turbo engine that can get you out of tight spaces quickly. The three driving modes are great additions, and with economy mode and cruise control active, the highway drive is very pleasant.

My only wish for the H6 is for a slightly heavier front end, as the front wheels tend to spin often – particularly in the wet. If the vehicle had a four-wheel-drive optional extra, then this would give the H6 an advantage and would push my rating up over the 9/10 mark.

The car is reliable, having put almost 30,000km on the clock, and it's never skipped a beat. Servicing is fast and professional. The H6 has really been a surprise to myself and to others that I discuss the vehicle with.

I'd highly recommend putting the H6 in your consideration list if you're looking to purchase a mid-sized SUV.