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2016 Ford Mustang Fastback GT 5.0 V8 review

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I had been a fan of the Mustang from the very day they announced the sixth-gen would be released into the Aussie market. But for me, it was going to be a dream for some time due to the wait list and price at the time.

Flash-forward another 18 months, after losing my much loved Jeep Grand Cherokee to arson and as a gift to myself for having gone through some massive weight loss, I decided now was the time to purchase the Mustang. Buying a V8 was a no-brainer, and I was adamant I wanted an auto as I've spent a lot of time in a manual car in the past and I'm quite over it really! Plus, I'd read reviews on the manual ’box in these cars and not many were absolutely glowing.

I purchased my Ruby Red with 14,000km on the clock and it is the pre-June 2016 model with Sync2. Ideally I would have liked to get the newer model, but the cost just couldn't be justified. I have no regrets at all on my purchase either.

One thing that readers should be aware of with these cars is that they are very light in the rear. This means a very good chance of spinning wheels on even the most tame takeoff at the lights or leaving your driveway. Also, this means that tyre replacement comes around more often on rear tyres. I replaced the rears almost as soon as I got the car, and have just replaced all four for brand-new ones at 33,000km. This car is my everyday driver and I do around 700km per week between Geelong and Ballarat.

Despite many complaining about the ride comfort, I find it to be very comfortable on my daily commute, with only the solidness of the suspension being felt on our 'well-maintained' Victorian roads. I love the adjustable steering modes, which I use regularly, changing between Comfort for around town and Normal for my winding road commute through the bush.

I absolutely love the brakes on this car too. They're massive and very responsive when you need them. I'm forever testing their effectiveness when Skippy makes an appearance.

The gearbox is as smooth as butter and changes at the right times when driving normally. I find that in Sport mode it hangs on too long to higher revs when overtaking cars, so I don't use it much.

I find myself constantly adjusting the seat position for some reason, and I and many others I've spoken to can't seem to work out why. I don't know if the seat moves or if the way we sit in them changes, but it's not annoying just something to keep in mind. Sync2 works well but is very slow compared to the current Sync3. The system has frozen only once since owning it, but it reset itself and has been fine since. I notice Bluetooth drops connection once in a while to my iPhone 7 with iOS11.

The car has a massive boot, albeit an irregularly shaped one, and has fitted many items in it from Bunnings without issue. Only on a couple of occasions have the rear seats had to be put down.

Buyers of 2016 models should also be aware that there is a known air-con issue, whereby the system loses its gas and many owners are needing the evaporative cooler or heater box replaced. I understand that 2017 models and up have been fine though. Ford seems reluctant to acknowledge this issue and advise its customers of it for some reason.

Modification options to this beast are numerous and readily available too. I have had the windows tinted and replaced the deck lid panel with the US GT version. I will be looking at CAI, axle-back exhaust, bonnet and side scoops and rear spoiler also. But even without all this, a stock Mustang is a damn impressive machine and gets plenty of recognition and turns heads everywhere you go.

Aside from the AC issue, this car runs like a dream, and when it's let off the leash it's like having a Labrador going after food – it just wants to go, and go, and go!

I would definitely recommend this car to anyone wanting a performance machine that turns heads. Despite the number of them on the roads now, they are still a unique car that is admired by many.

I found joining the Melbourne Mustang 6G Facebook group offered a world of help and information. This group has been one of the only groups I have ever been in where all its members are drivers and admirers of this car, in all its forms, and without the elitism of many clubs.

By the way, I have had fuel economy down to 8.5L/100km at its best, but average 9–10L/100km on my daily drive over the four days a week.